NST is an abbreviation for Neurostructural Integration Technique. It is an advanced Bowen Therapy which has been specifically developed to stimulate the nervous system through manual muscle work. The main objectives are to address postural dysfunction, improve range of motion, and reduce or eliminate pain completely by restoring the structural integrity of the body. 85% of individuals receiving NST report significant or total resolution of chronic pain after 2-3 sessions. Results last a long time, typically for years.

NST uses a series of gentle movements and pressures at precise anatomic points on the body. It is done with a light touch and can be done through clothing. The brain responds to this touch and begins to release life traumas from the muscular and skeletal systems. The end result is an increase in energy, relaxed body and mind, restored vitality, and elimination or reduction of long standing pain. The brain resets the body.

Your first session* will last about an hour and a half, and includes a health history, structural analysis, and treatment. Each of the next treatments are spaced out 7-10 days, allowing the body to respond, and integrate the healing. The second and third sessions are often shorter than the first.

Post-treatment requirements include avoiding sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time (the day of the treatment), no leg crossing, no strenuous exercise for 2-4 days, and lots of moving, walking, and lying down.

Charges are in 15 minute increments, as each person will vary in the length of treatment needed.

For more information on NST, you might enjoy visiting www.nsthealth.com or www.mercola.com.

Please print and complete the client information sheet and bring it with you to your first visit.

CLICK HERE to download or print the Client Information Sheet.

*Men need to wear boxers or loose shorts

*Women will need to be bra-less and either wear a loose t-shirt and underwear or utilize my gown.

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